How long can you sleep on your piercing? (2023)

How long until I can sleep on my cartilage piercing?

Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti-tragus piercings take 6-12 months to fully heal. This cartilage placement is one of the most sensitive piercings you can get. Don't use earphones, earbuds or sleep on the side of your anti-tragus piercing for at least 6 months.

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What if I accidentally sleep on my piercing?

How do you fix a slept on a piercing? Once a day, either spray it with a saline solution like H2Ocean, or make a warm compress with salt water and hold it on there for 10–15 minutes. It likely will go down in a few days.

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How long should I not sleep on my ear piercing?

That's why at no cost, you should take your piercing off during the first few months after piercing it. For the first week, and even longer if you feel like your wound and swelling are taking too long to swell, you should avoid sleeping on the side where your piercing is.

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Which piercings take the longest to heal?

A navel piercing has one of the longest healing times – as much as 12 months – because of its position on your body. However, the jewellery can usually be changed to a slightly shorter sterile piece from 6–8 weeks.

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How long can you sleep on your piercing?

Usually, it's safe to sleep after 3 to 4 months. However, some sleepers can take as many as six months and more before they can sleep on the affected side without pain.

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How do I know if I slept on my piercing?

Excessive swelling – maybe you've accidentally snagged/knocked your piercings, in your sleep is usually when this happens. Piercings can become excruciatingly painful if the swelling is such that the bar is no longer long enough. The jewellery may start to embed, it feels hot, is pulsating and there's gooey stuff.

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Can sleeping on a piercing change the angle?

Sleeping on your healing piercing, especially ear piercings, can cause it to heal angled and crooked. The pressure from laying on it causes the jewelry to become tilted, and VERY irritated. This will do all of what not downsizing your piercing will do.

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What is the safest piercing to get?

Safest Piercings

Along with the nostrils and belly button, the earlobes are the safest and most common body part to be pierced. The flesh of the earlobe heals well when the area is cleaned regularly and the piercing is done at the proper angle.

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What piercing heals the slowest?

Nose. Nose piercings are notoriously hard healers, as they are a very sensitive area due to the nerves that run though. They take at least 12 weeks before being able to be changed, and even then, may need more time.

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What helps piercings heal faster?

The general advice is to use saltwater or saline solution for about 5 minutes, at least twice a day. We recommend the Dr. Piercing Aftercare Solution, which comes in swab-form and consists of an isotonic saline solution alongside anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and B-Vitamin ingredients.

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Why not to sleep on piercings?

When you sleep on a piercing, you put pressure and friction on the piercing, which can cause all kinds of complications such as irritation, pain, extra swelling and bumps. You can also get an infection through your pillowcase and a piercing can grow crooked.

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How can I protect my piercing while sleeping?

Sleeping on your back or stomach is best, as this will minimize the chance of your earrings getting caught on your pillow. 4. If you do sleep on your side, make sure to put a pillow between your head and the earring. This will help keep the earring in place and prevent it from poking you in the night.

How long can you sleep on your piercing? (2023)
Which piercing helps with sleep?

Located where the helix is usually pierced is a point called the allergy point, which if stimulated, or pierced, is said to relieve symptoms of allergies such as congestion or a sore throat. Depending where on the helix the piercing is placed, it can also possibly aid with insomnia.

Are sleepers better for new piercings?

The ideal earring for freshly pierced ears is sleeper earrings or stud earrings. These light weighted stainless steel or sterling silver earrings are designed with comfort in mind while your freshly pierced ears can heal quickly. If you are thinking of getting your ears pierced, sleeper earrings are the way to start!

Can you sleep on cartilage piercing?

Even if your piercing does not hurt anymore, try not to sleep on it. The pressure of sleeping on your piercing during the healing process may cause bumps or migration.

Can you sleep on ear cartilage piercing?

It's not recommended to sleep on a piercing at all as it will move and tilt it slightly. My has been 6 years and you can clearly see it's starting to tilt. i would recommend a travel pillow so you can rest your ear in the hole to stop your ear because pushed against the bed/ pillow. A new piercing shouldn't be slept.

How can I avoid sleeping on my piercing?

I also recommend getting a travel pillow for sleeping. Place your ear in the hole of the travel pillow when sleeping so you can still sleep on that side without irritating your piercing.

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